Developing Practical AI Solutions for Social Benefits

: 15h00, ngày 23/06/2023 (Thứ Sáu)

: P104 D3

: Machine Learning và Data Mining

: Nguyen Hong Thanh

: University of Oregon

Tóm tắt báo cáo

Many real-world problems require the creation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) models which include both learning (i.e., training a predicted model from data) and planning (i.e., producing high-quality decisions based on the predicted model). In this talk, I will discuss practical AI approaches for tackling two concrete instances of such problems in conservation and public health. In particular, I will describe models and algorithms that explore techniques not only in AI but also in other areas including operations research, psychology, and ecology to effectively solve these problems. In the end, I will talk about challenges and lessons learned in deploying these solutions in real-world domains.

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Developing Practical AI Solutions for Social Benefits
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